1. Going Down to 'Leven Point
    Ozark Highballers

  2. DreamSongs, Etc.
    Bill and the Belles

  3. Old Scratch Sallies, 7 Inch Series
    The Old Scratch Sallies

  4. Mamie Minch & Tamar Korn, 7 Inch Series
    Mamie Minch and Tamar Korn

  5. Rashad Brown, 7 Inch Series
    Rashad Brown

  6. Ukrainian Village Voices
    Ukrainian Village Voices

  7. Eli Smith, 7 Inch Series
    Eli Smith

  8. Estrellas de Radio
    Jake Sanders

  9. Papa Vega's Dream Shadows Orchestra, 7 Inch Series
    Papa Vega's Dream Shadows Orchestra

  10. Noah Harley, 7 Inch Series
    The Horse-Eyed Men

  11. Clifton Hicks, 7 Inch Series
    Clifton Hicks

  12. Meredith Axelrod, 7 Inch Series
    Meredith Axelrod

  13. Live and In Person (vinyl only)
    Clarence Ashley

  14. Lone Prairie
    Down Hill Strugglers

  15. Walker Shepard, 7 Inch Series
    Walker Shepard

  16. Willy Gantrim, 7 Inch Series
    Willy Gantrim

  17. Pat Conte, 7 Inch Series
    Pat Conte

  18. Jackson Lynch, 7 Inch Series
    Jackson Lynch

  19. Banjew
    Henry Sapoznik

  20. Lost Train Blues: John & Alan Lomax and the Early Folk Music Collections at the Library of Congress
    John and Alan Lomax / Various Artists

  21. Greatest Spits
    The Whiskey Spitters

  22. The Four o'clock Flowers
    The Four o'clock Flowers

  23. Feral Foster
    Feral Foster

  24. The Best of the 5th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival
    Brooklyn Folk Festival

  25. Black Album
    Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues

  26. The Best of the 4th Annual Brooklyn Folk Festival
    Brooklyn Folk Festival

  27. Killin' Me!
    Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues

  28. American Songs with Fiddle and Banjo
    Pat Conte


Jalopy Records Brooklyn, New York

New York City's "Best and Only" Folk Music record label.

Jalopy Records is the in-house record label for the Jalopy Theatre and School of Music, located in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY. The Jalopy Theatre is a grassroots community music venue and cultural center dedicated to folk music from the United States and around the world. ... more

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